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M2 Safety Covid-19 Guidance

With all the information being shared through the media and social media, it can be very hard to weed out the truth from the false news.

Today, M2 Safety will be passing on the attached document, we drafted, to our clients. In the current climate, we are passing the document onto others for their information to read, share or do what ever they want with it.

By working together we will over come this, but as seen in our local Supermarkets there is a lot to do for us to come together. We pulled together information from the WHO, NHS and MyGov into one document.

M2 Safety isn’t a health organisation and Ronny Murray and Fraser Morrison CMIOSH are not health professionals, but the information contained in the document is from credible sources.

Please DM, email or call with your feedback. Remember stay safe and be kind.

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