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Practical, affordable and effective Health & Safety advice and support.


M2 Safety is a locally based (Aberdeen) independent safety consultancy formed by Ron Murray and Fraser Morrison in 2019. 


Ron Murray has over 30 years experience in Health and Safety consultancy, as founder and Managing Director of Wood-Murray Associates Ltd (1997-2007), which later became Safety Scotland (2007-2019).


Fraser Morrison, has over 8 years health and safety experience. Having started out his career as a Police Constable, working his way up to a Detective Sergeant, Fraser moved into Health and Safety. Fraser worked for Tier 1 contractors as well as a large Aberdeen based Civil Engineering firm before setting up M2 Safety with Ron.

Although M2 Safety is based in Aberdeen, it services sites and clients throughout the whole of Scotland in safety, training and CDM consultancy.


1/  To identify the service, or services, our clients need/ require

2/  To provide that service efficiently, economically with a personal service

3/  To develop long-term relationships with our clients

4/  To ensure that our clients are kept aware of H+S issues, current best practice and any changes in legislation.

5/  To develop and deliver effective training and to provide a one stop shop for all training needs.

6/  To maintain M2 Safety as a centre of excellence in Health and Safety and be the first choice for potential clients to utilise our services.

7/  To create and maintain relationships with enforcing bodies and other policy makers.

8/  To create and maintain co-operative dialogue with our peers and with other disciplines.


It is our vision to create and maintain relationships with other policy makers and co-operative dialogue with our peers and with other disciplines through our current associations:


Ron have served as Aberdeen Branch Secretary.  Both Ron and Fraser attend IOSH meetings (North East of Scotland Branch).


Angus Construction Training Group Ltd

M2 Safety work closely with the Angus Training Group to provide support, advice and training to its members, ensuring all current annual targets are achieved.

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